The Lister Timeline

Lister have created many memorable and iconic racing cars that shaped the course of British motor racing in the 1950’s, including the Lister Knobbly


Lister Stirling Moss

An exact continuation of the super-lightweight Knobbly that led Stirling Moss to victory at Silverstone in 1958


Lister Knobbly 60th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate the 60th anniversary, we released 10 brand new original specification 1958 Works Lister 'Knobbly's', built to meet current FIA Appendix K race regulations,


Lister Storm Hybrid

The Storm LMP was converted to a hybrid car in mid-2005 and made its debut at the wet Silverstone round of the Le Mans Endurance Series where it finished 18th in the hands of Justin Keen and Jens Moller. The car's only other appearance following its conversion was in the Vallelunga 6 Hours, where it was classified second despite suffering suspension failure late in the race.


Lister Storm LMP

The Lister Storm LMP is a racing car built using knowledge gained with campaigning the Storm GT in various championships and was built as an open-topped Le Mans Prototype.


Lister Storm GTS/GTL/GT

In an era when supercars had engines fitted behind the driver, the Storm’s 6,996cc V12 Jaguar unit was placed ahead of the driver, and was the largest V12 engine fitted to a production road car since World War II.


Lister Storm

The Lister Strom was a homologated racing car built in 1993. In an era when supercars had engines fitted behind the driver, the Storm’s 6,996cc V12 Jaguar unit was placed ahead of the driver, and was the largest V12 engine fitted to a production road car since World War II.

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Lister Centenary

With the intention to build 25 Lister Centenary with each bearing a Sterling silver Chassis ID plate with a special 1990 hallmark incorporating the Lister logo. In the event, the recession of the early 1990s caused demand for the £250,000 cars to fall away, and only four were built and sold. Nevertheless, they are true Listers and are a monument to the enterprise founded by George Lister 100 years ago, and the skills of the Lister workforce.


Lister Costin/Coupe

In order that Listers could continue to be competitive in the big-engine classes in the 1959 season, Brian Lister was particularly receptive to the ideas of aerodynamicist Frank Costin, who had already suggested detail modifications to the ‘knobbly’ cars during 1958.

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Lister Le Mans

The famous Lister connection made its commercial reappearance in 1986. Based in Leatherhead, with engineering input by Laurence Pearce, approximately 90 tuned Jaguar Le Mans were produced, the emphasis being very much on super car performance.

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Lister Knobbly

In February of 1958 Brian Lister debuted his Lister prototype which later became known as the Knobbly. It used a custom frame and unique shaped body, the Lister was purpose built sports car.


Lister Monzanapolis

The Monza Lista was conceived and built in little more than two months, a rush job that was completed in the paddock at the Nürburgring, where Ecurie Ecosse were running three D-types in the 1,000km race.

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Lister Flat Iron

The flat-iron Lister - as 'HCH 736' became known - is perhaps the most famous of the non-works/non-Cunningham team cars.

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Archie Lister

Lister The Archie Car

When one thinks of legendary racing cars of the late 1950s, words like sleek, sexy, and dramatic come to mind. Cambridge manufacturer Brian Lister’s offering was all of the above, but it found its groove in rather unique contours that nonetheless gave it the popular nickname “Knobbly”.

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Lister Formula 2

The Lister Formula 2 car was conceived by Brian Lister during 1956 as a single-seater for Archie, who had been extremely competitive in a Connaught.


Lister Bristol

The Lister-Bristol came into operation in mid-1954 causing something of a sensation when Archie Scott Brown won the 2.0-litere class.

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Lister Maserati

Brian Lister purchased a Maserati A6GCS engine and transmission from the Italian manufacturer in 1956 in hopes of adding more power to Lister Chassis number BHL1

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Lister MG

The first chassis to emerge set the pattern for all but one of the cars built in the Lister workshops. The Lister MG with its pressed steel wheels and narrow yellow stripe, was subject to continuing development, and won its first race with Archie Scott Brown on 3 April 1954.


George Lister Engineering Founded